Britischer Lehrer in Mahlow bekommt rechte Drohbriefe

Aus dem englis­chsprachi­gen MySpace Blog der Mahlow­er Band Mutate Now:

Greet­ings Mutants,

there´s prob­a­bly noth­ing more enjoy­able than wak­ing up in the morn­ing to find your front gar­den lit­tered with “love let­ters” (sic) from the Nation­al Par­ty of Ger­many or NPD abbre­vi­at­ed. For those of you who don´t know it, the NPD are an extreme right polit­i­cal par­ty in Ger­many along with the Ger­man People´s Union abbrievi­at­ed DVU and cater for nation­al­ists, racists, neo-nazis and exteme con­ser­v­a­tives just to name a few. You get the idea. Any­way as I col­lect­ed the 14 !! NPD fly­ers I noticed two things. First that the black & white, print­ed fly­ers were pro­pa­gan­da mate­r­i­al for the upcom­ing elec­tions aimed at the cit­i­zens of Berlin and sec­ond­ly that the peo­ple spread­ing the fly­ers had tak­en the time to write mes­sages with a blue pen aimed at me. I scanned two of the fly­ers which I´ve post­ed below. For those of you who don´t speak Ger­man I´ll trans­late the hand writ­ten messages.

The left fly­er: We will get you and your “com­pan­ions”. I´m fed up with the left. (Note: polit­i­cal left is meant, dou­ble-mean­ing: also means “The left stink”) Fuck you Jamie !

The right fly­er: Jamie, you vic­tim. No more Eng­lish cours­es. (Note: This refers to my job as an Eng­lish teacher.)

For about 6 weeks I have been find­ing & remov­ing pro­pa­gan­da stick­ers on my let­ter­box from the Junge Nation­aldemokrat­en, (eng. “Young Nation­al Democ­rats), amongst oth­er extreme-right organ­i­sa­tions. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I have to say that I have been sin­gled out as noone else in my street has been receiv­ing these “love let­ters” or so much “atten­tion”. I must be the luck­i­est mutant in Blahlow. I sup­pose they are cor­rect with “you vic­tim”, I´m a vic­tim of their bla­tant stu­pid­i­ty. A good time to pon­der over the idea of “Are you next ?”

Any­way, this all goes to prove that “Stu­pid” REALLY “is cool” and that there are peo­ple who WILL “do the goose-step on demand” and they defi­nate­ly DO have the “low­est pas­sions, high ideals”. They are part of the rea­son why Mutate Now! is Mutate Now! and why we do what we do.

The war on stu­pid­i­ty con­tin­ues. In case there´s any updates or more news on this sub­ject I´ll add it here. So check back once in a while.

De-evo­lu­tion is real,


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